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Greetings, Citizen!

Welcome to Apex Continuum! We are an active Star Citizen guild that games every day!  We are a group of about 200 gamers who enjoy the social aspect of gaming as much as the adventure.

We are recruiting new members! There's no minimum time requirements but you do need Discord. We're looking for active gamers who love to have fun with friends online! We’re looking for people who like helping each other, have a mature attitude, and enjoy being fully immersed in an alternate reality. We’re all about quality over quantity - if you’re in the game to achieve the highest score or the most kills in the game, the coolest loot, or how much “free stuff” you can get from your fellows, then we are probably not the guild for you. If you are a griefer, you’re definitely in the wrong place. We place a higher priority on supporting our friends than we do on individual success, and we’re the kind of people who will stick together in the toughest fight and go the extra mile to help a friend in need. If that’s you, join up today! Make an account, put in an application and we'll generally respond within 24 hours.

See you in the 'verse!

What's Happening:

  • Meet'n'Greet this Saturday 12:30pm PDT!
  • Join Bashar for Artemis Bridge Simulator Wednesdays at 7pm eastern.